Finding Suitable Residential Aged Care


There comes a time when an aged person needs to plan for their future or have reached a stage where they need the support of an aged care facility. In either situation the help of a professional Placement Consultant can be of tremendous assistance in making the complex decisions required to enter residential aged care. Finding the right place to suit their particular needs is of the utmost importance and here, a Placement Consultant is invaluable.

Case Study:

An elderly couple in Melbourne were planning for their future as they aged. They planned to sell their family home and were considering moving into a retirement village, using the funds from the sale of their home. However, they were concerned that in the future one or both of them may need the higher level of care afforded in an aged care facility.

The couple turned to a professional Placement Consultant to advise them. The Consultant researched the different options available and found the best solution was a retirement complex with an onsite aged care facility. The Placement Consultant was able to source several facilities that offered this arrangement and set up visits for the couple to choose the option that suited them best geographically, cost wise and to their standard.

Moving into aged care accommodation is often an emotional and stressful time for a person and their family. If they have had a fall or their health has badly deteriorated, they may suddenly be in a situation where immediate accommodation with high-level care must be found. This is often the case if they are hospitalised, awaiting discharge and their needs are such high care they can only be supported safely in a residential aged care facility.

A Placement Consultant can assist throughout the whole process by:

  • Determining what is important to the person seeking accommodation,
  • Providing expert advice on the most suitable options,
  • Submitting a shortlist of suitable facilities for inspection,
  • Explaining and negotiating fees,
  • Being an advocate,
  • Filling out extensive paperwork,

During 2020 with the arrival of COVID 19 on our shores and the high risk it posed to elderly people, particularly those in aged care facilities, finding suitable accommodation became even more complex. As the situation with restrictions and lockdowns was fluid it became difficult to keep up with the changing restrictions on visitations and tours in aged care facilities.

During this time the need for Placement Consultants was even greater and demand grew for their services. They were able to assist those seeking residential aged care accommodation with information on care, fees and the changing procedures for each facility. Arranging a tour had become more difficult as each facility had a different procedure; at some facilities potential residents could only view photos of the home’s interiors and suites or have virtual tours. Other aged care homes provided restricted tours, allowing viewing only of the resident’s proposed new bedroom.

In this environment with so many variables to consider and an ever-changing landscape, it is a comfort to many to be able to use a professional ‘s assistance and advice. Members of the Association of Age Services Professionals (AASP) work at the highest professional level and our members are committed to ongoing professional development and keeping up to date with regular policy changes within the industry.

It was acknowledged at the Adelaide hearings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety the valuable resource Placement Consultants provide, whereby counsels assisting recommended there be more placement professionals or ‘care finders’ to help those seeking aged care accommodation to navigate the complex system.


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