AASP Supports workforce solutions in the Aged Care Industry


AASP Supports workforce solutions in the Aged Care Industry

The Association of Age Service Professionals (AASP) is a National body representing high quality members operating in aged care, disability and retirement industries

The AASP recognise there has been a lack of qualified registered nurses and support workers in the industry for many years now and the situation has been getting critical during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and border closures.

The current market availability of registered nurses has been insufficient to satisfy the needs of the industry, with even ADF clinical teams needing to be deployed to Aged Care providers.

We believe that initiatives to bring qualified staff to the Australian Aged Care workforce is valuable.

To conclude, AASP is supporting its members’ efforts to recruit overseas workers as a measure to meet the high demand during this time and also into the future.

Should you require any further information, please contact the committee via membership@aasp.org.au. For a copy of this document please click here.

AASP Committee