AASP Participation in Aged Care Gurus Strategy Day 2023

The Aged Care Guru’s annual Strategy Day was held on 24 Februrary 2023 and was attended by industry experts from all over Australia, making it an ideal opportunity to discuss and share ideas related to the industry. The day included a series of presentations and discussions with topics ranging from Aged Care changes, latest financial strategies with recent changes to the integral role Aged Care financial planners play in preventing elder abuse.

AASP Committee Member, Shaun Ganguly, the founder of Aged Care Financial Planning and Retirement Village Financial Advice was part of a three person panel at hosted by Rachel Lane from Aged Care Gurus. Shaun was asked to participate in a panel on “How to build a successful aged care advice business (from advisers who have)” and was joined by Brad Monk from LifePlan Financial Planning and Julie Lockeridge from Lockeridge Financial Advisory. The panel proved to be a very insightful and informative session. The discussion touched on various aspects of building a successful aged care advice business, with Shaun speaking about the use of technology, client engagement and leverage, and Brad talking about recruitment strategies and staffing in the aged care financial advice business.

The panellists were able to share their experiences and knowledge with attendees, who were able to ask questions and learn from their expertise. The day proved to be an excellent opportunity for industry experts to come together and discuss the challenges and opportunities within the aged care and retirement planning space.

AASP Members also in attendance were our very own Claudia Rigoni from Rigale Financial Solutions and Susan Cooper from Age Wise Financial Planning. Other speakers at the event included Marilyn Graham from Aveo and Jessica Kinnear, a lawyer from Compare Villages, who discussed how retirement villages are changing accommodation, contracts and care to meet market demands. They were able to provide a unique insight into the rapidly changing retirement industry and the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

In addition, Felipe Araujo and Laura Salisbury from Generation Life delivered a presentation on the latest products to help achieve clients’ financial goals. The presentation proved to be extremely informative and provided attendees with an insight into the latest products available in the market.

One of the most interesting sessions was led by James Dimond from Moores Lawyers who spoke about the integral role financial planners play in preventing elder abuse. The presentation highlighted the importance of ensuring that clients are protected from abuse and that financial planners play a crucial role in identifying and preventing it.

Overall, the aged care strategy day proved to be a very informative and insightful event, with industry experts coming together to share their knowledge and experiences. The event demonstrated the importance of continuous learning and knowledge sharing within the industry, as well as the critical role that financial planners play in helping clients achieve their financial goals while ensuring their protection.

AASP Shaun Ganguly
Shaun Ganguly and Brad Monk speaking