AASP Downsizing Edition: Experts Discuss Retirement Living, Downsizing, Superannuation and Property

Shaun Ganguly Phil Hoopmann Rob MacPherson

On Tuesday, 28 March, the Association of Aged Service Professionals (AASP) hosted a special event on retirement planning, downsizing, and superannuation. The event was held at Europa on Alma, a luxury retirement living development in St Kilda, and was attended by 33 individuals from a variety of companies and organisations.

The panel featured three expert speakers: Rob Macpherson from One Fell Swoop, Phil Hoopmann from Tower Property Advisory, and Shaun Ganguly from Retirement Village Financial Advice.

Rob Macpherson provided a tour of Europa on Alma, showcasing different types of Retirement Living, from the Over 55’s, built-to-rent, land lease communities to assisted living. He also shared the latest developments being undertaken by OneFellSwoop, across both Melbourne and Sydney.

Shaun Ganguly discussed financial planning for retirement, touching on topics such as downsizing and superannuation. He shared strategies on how clients can maximise their superannuation and minimise taxes paid to increase inheritances. Shaun also discussed Downsizer Super Contributions, which allow eligible clients to make a one-off contribution of up to $300,000 per person from the proceeds of selling their family home.

Phil Hoopmann from Tower Property Advocacy talked about the benefits of using a vendor’s advocacy service. He explained how their independent model operates and how it can help clients maximise the sale price of their property. Phil also discussed how engaging with a vendor’s advocate can significantly increase the value of a property. He provided insights into trends in housing prices and predictions made by banks about the best time to sell properties.

The event was attended by professionals from Lgen, Arc Wealth, Presbyterian Aged Care, 365Care, AgeingWell Sorted, Fit Minds Australia, Alteris Financial Group, Lycasia Capital, Carson Financial Advisory, Live Smart Group, Aged Care Specialists, We Plan, Blue Cross, and Village Advisors. The event was also live-streamed to the Sydney office of One Fell Swoop in Surrey Hills, where they held a networking event prior to the presentation.

Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy wine, cheese, and great conversation while networking on the Skydeck of Europa on Alma. The event was informative and engaging, providing valuable insights into retirement planning, downsizing, and superannuation.

Overall, the AASP Downsizing Edition was a successful event that provided attendees with valuable information and insights from industry experts. We look forward to hosting similar events in the future to continue sharing knowledge and expertise on important issues related to aged care and retirement planning.

Shaun Ganguly Phil Hoopmann Rob MacPherson