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Membership is for individuals who work in the aged care, disability and retirement living industries and who can demonstrate the following:

Currently employed by a registered company operating within aged care, retirement or disability industry.

Demonstrate integrity by being honest and fair and doing the right thing, delivering on promises.

Operate in an ethical manner, demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

Operate in a professional manner with competency, skill, good judgment, and polite behaviour that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.

Provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage relevant to your operation as a consultant eg professional indemnity or public liability.

Points 1-4 are demonstrated through the provision of 2 referees one of which must be a current member of the AASP and who can vouch the same.

The AASP promotes itself to registered service providers, private and public hospitals, ACAS, local, state and federal government as an organisation that values high standards of excellence and whose members demonstrate this ethos. Members are committed to the betterment of the aged care, retirement and disability industries.

The AASP provides an arena where likeminded individuals can come together to share industry knowledge to learn from each other and network.

There are at least 3 meetings held a year, where members have the opportunity to listen to experts in the industry, be updated on changes and network both formally and informally.

Membership Benefits

For Consultants in Aged Care, Disability and Retirement Living

As the reforms continue to be rolled out and as the industry evolves the AASP will grow into a strong body of professionals who support each other for the betterment of the industry and who will advocate for their clients as one voice.

For persons needing guidance in Aged Care, Home Care or Retirement Living

AASP membership stands as a guarantee for quality of service. people can now expect AASP membership whenever they look to engage an age service consultant. Clients can be confident that all members have a commitment to the sector’s they operate in, that they actively seek to remain up to date on all changes and who are valued as competent professionals who will deliver a quality service to their clients.

For Health Professionals needing guidance for their patients

Referring bodies no longer risk referring to organisations or individuals who do not carry AASP membership. Health professionals and providers can now confidently refer their clients to AASP members knowing that they will receive the correct advice. AASP are setting the benchmark for age service professionals to bring the industry to a higher standard of excellence.

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The Association of Age Service Professionals (AASP) is setting the benchmark for age service professionals to bring the industry to a higher standard of excellence.

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